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The world of consulting that will be more friendly, easy to access, useful and democratic? We believed in this vision, turned it into a real solution, and and now we want to give it to you. The best ideas for business are made from unique stories. Ours is written all the time, and you will read its beginning here.


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Meet the Redegate team

You may have already noticed that Redegate is not a search engine, whose functioning automated bots are responsible for. We are behind all of this – we are people with experience, which helps us operate on a daily basis, and with a vision that propels us forward. The founders of Redegate are Grzegorz Gawroński and Kacper Pupin. Grzegorz has been specialising in operational management consulting for a few years, combining his many years of experience in manufacturing with his knowledge from MBA studies. Kacper is a digital transformation specialist and graduate of international studies of management-related fields of study. Separately, we can do a lot of things, but together we can do (almost) everything – the result is only successful projects, such as Redegate.

Know that you can trust us

When we worked in managerial positions, we often faced the choice of a consulting firm ourselves. Years of experience (and sometimes also mistakes) have taught us what to pay attention to while looking for experts for projects and how to distinguish an empty form from valuable content. Thanks to the fact that we come from business ourselves and we understand processes in companies, we are able to provide our clients with experts they need. Simultaneously, we have been working in the consulting industry for years ourselves and we know it inside out. We have experience and tools to effectively verify the quality of the activity of experts who work with us. You will no longer have to do that!

There was a problem – there is an idea

This will not be one of those stories in which a business creator is suddenly enlightened. The idea for establishing Redegate was not born in a day. We have been observing the market of consulting services for many years: as employees using these consulting services, and then also as consultants. A low price which is not followed by quality, a huge logo with a small company behind it, promises supported by… nothing – we know these problems from every angle.

It was not far from the problem to the idea, and from there it was quite close to the project. The Redegate platform is not just a result of our observations. It is also the answer to the needs of companies that expect results from consultants, and not just pretty words from a sales presentation.



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