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Digital Transformation

Company digitalisation is a transformation for some, and a real revolution for others! Let someone give you a hand as you make a step from the present into the future, and let them guide your company to using the change’s potential to its fullest. Our experts in business digital transformation are people with a vision and a pragmatic attitude, who are focused on measurable results. Not only will they guide you smoothly through the whole process but they will also combine elements of new technologies into a perfectly complementary whole.

Automation & Robotics

The most important thing in the manufacturing automation and robotisation process is… people. Changes in business cannot be programmed. Redegate experts have something that is the key to manufacturing automation: technical knowledge which will help improve work.

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Agile & Scrum

“Agile” means “deft”, but “deft” does not always mean “quick”. Agile in business  is also flexible action, effective communication and fulfilling the team’s potential. See with Agile &  Scrum  experts how much can be done in the carrying out of projects by changing your attitude and by a properly selected methodology.

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Smart Factory

Does a smart factory sound like science fiction to you? The future is waiting for you right here. Our experts will take your company to the level that your competitors will think about… when you are already a few more steps ahead of them in the holistic transformation of your factory.

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Process Simulation & Digital Twin

We live in an age when the lines between the digital and the physical gradually blur. Make use of this fact when you plan your company’s actions! Thanks to Digital Twin consulting services, you will learn how to make digital models of your products to plan, analyse and react better.

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There is more to these abbreviations than just trendy terms: augmented and virtual reality. Introducing innovative tools to your organisation, you will give these words a new meaning: you will expand the company’s opportunities, and the benefits will be not virtual but completely real.

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Data Analytics

Make use of the combination of artificial intelligence with the living experience of our experts to create a data management strategy that fits the needs of your business. Fulfil the potential of data to predict, plan and react better.

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Data Security

It happens more and more often that it is data, and not physical products, that are a company’s greatest value. Learn how to protect what makes your business operate and develop smoothly. Let our experts show you optimal solutions for your business model.

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IT & IoT Infrastructure

The newest technologies require a good framework in the form of a proper infrastructure. Experts in IT and IoT (Internet of Things) will offer you solutions which will improve the circulation of information, management and data analysis. The increased transparency of processes in your organisation will allow you to make the most important operational decisions more efficiently.

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Digital Business Models

Digital transformation is often new ambitious visions of your company’s development, and digital business models are tools that will help you realise these visions. In co-operation with Redegate experts, you will take your company through the whole process of changing its business model or through the process of developing a completely new direction of operation on the market.

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Advanced cryptography which will not be broken even by a computer with computing power equal to that of half of the global internet –that is the effectiveness of the protection of data about your business transactions or information sharing in the value chain. Start co-operating with our experts who will prepare your business for the change properly, using the latest trends.

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Digitalisation is a process that covers almost all areas of both life and the economy. All companies are more or less expected to adapt to the modern reality and to automate some of their processes. This is often quite challenge, which offers great opportunities as well as improved efficiency. However, the digitisation of a company should take place in stages. Activities should not only be carefully planned, but must be supervised by specialists.

Digitalisation of the company: Opt for development!

The digitisation of a company involves a series of activities that significantly expand the capabilities of the company and allow for its dynamic development. Thanks to appropriately conducted digitisation and automation processes, a company has the opportunity to achieve success on the market and significantly increase its competitiveness. For this to be possible, it is necessary to use modern tools, which should also be ideally suited to the company’s profile in order to best support information processing and analysis. The chosen tools also offer support for employees, so it is important that it responds to all their needs.

When deciding to introduce changes in your company, you should consider not only the appropriate hardware and software, but also comprehensive employee training.

Digitisation of the company: Achieve your business goals!

A well-prepared digital transformation is an opportunity to achieve your business goals, as well as to optimise your processes and increase the efficiency of your operations. To tap into the full potential of the changes for your company, it is best to enlist the help of people who are experts in this field. We offer comprehensive services in digital business transformations, which ensure that the entire process is carried out in the right way, and that the tools and methods selected meet the needs of both the company and its employees.

Our experts specialise in digitalisation, constantly looking for new opportunities and implementing them in order to achieve competitive advantages. These solutions are the result of many analyses and have the purpose of building new business models based on the use of technology. For example, we offer automation and robotization activities that can be helpful for companies involved in the production of specific goods. Experts with technical expertise are there to propose appropriate solutions to improve work and increase the productivity of the enterprise. We also offer consultancy in such areas as Agile&Scrum, digital twin and data analytics.

When deciding to digitise your company, it is important to remember to properly secure your data. Again, it is best to trust specialists to implement advanced systems that guarantee the security of your company’s data.

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