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A stable financial sytuation is like a solid basis which the whole business operation is based on. It is only with such a basis that a company can operate smoothly and develop according to plan.

It is worth asking for support from Redegate experts at various stages of an organisation’s development: when you need to reduce costs, when you are planning to conduct a financial audit, but also when the company is doing perfectly well and is looking for new investment opportunities.

Cost Reduction

Entrust the question of cost reduction in the company to our experts and focus on profits. Thanks to co-operation with professionals, drastic cuts will not be painful and changes will bring long-term results.

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Due diligence

When you plan to sell your enterprise or to merge companies, take care of your business credibility. In the due diligence survey, Redegate experts will have a closer look at all data about your company to show that it is worth investing in it.

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Financial Audit

You can invest in marketing and PR activities, but what matters mostly to investors is the numbers. It is a financial audit that gives them a reliable knowledge of the state of your company. Ordering a financial audit from our experts, you will gain not only a full data analysis, but also the best recommendations which will make the development of your business possible.

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Corporate Finance

Mathematics and economics are democratic fields which treat everyone equally, however, you cannot deny that finances in a corporation are managed differently than in a small business. Our experienced experts know it perfectly well. They will offer you support according to the idea of “thinking big”, on a scale that suits your business.

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Risk Management

Avoiding risk, you lose something very valuable – an opportunity to develop your company. Face what is new and unknown by learning to manage risk properly. And although Redegate experts will not prepare you for every change that awaits you, they will give you knowledge and tools to deal with it correctly.

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Financial & Tax Optimisation

Thanks to professional consulting in the area of financial optimisation, you will see more possibilities than just lowering taxes. Our consultants will have a look at all fields of activity of your company and they will offer you solutions that will not only be cost-effective, but also safe and ethical.

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Controlling in a company is not only controlling, planning and supervising. This is primarily delegating some of the responsibility for the financial result to employees. Are you ready for that change? Let our experts guide you smoothly through the process.


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Raising of Capital / Funds

You have development plans – is a loan necessary? Redegate financial experts will show you that capital – raising opportunities neither begin nor end with a loan. Taking the needs and situation of your enterprise into account, they will offer you an optimal way of raising funds for development.

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Financial Liquidity

You can have, recover or maintain liquidity, but best of all – simply manage it. With professional consultancy you can approach liquidity comprehensively: you know what indicators you should pay attention to, how to detect the first symptoms of liquidity loss and how to avoid making risky decisions.

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Investment Processes

When ideas for development and new investments appear in a strategy, finance departments are responsible for the proper preparation of the organisation in that matter. Make use of our experts’ support to find new investment opportunities, plan the budget and manage the whole process effectively.

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Financial consulting is one of the services that are most frequently chosen by companies.

Investing and making use of loans are almost everyday life for modern entrepreneurs. Professional assistance and advice from experts will help you make the right decisions which will be the most beneficial for your business. Redegate is a place that will make it possible for you to find a trustworthy expert who will take comprehensive care of your company’s finances and will effectively improve the process of financial management in the enterprise.

Financial consulting – knowledge & experience

A financial adviser for business is a person who has a perfect knowledge of the financial market and many years of experience in the industry. This is a person who is educated in a suitable field and knows the world of finances perfectly.

The person’s knowledge and  acquired competencies allow for providing high quality services that  are focused on investing, choosing the most beneficial financerelated options, as well as assistance in loanrelated issues.  A person who is responsible for financial consulting is able to plan finances effectively as well as to conduct reliable analyses which give a clear-cut idea of a company’s financial condition. Both small and big companies can use the services of a financial adviser. An industry is also irrelevant. What can financial consulting be helpful in?

Managing finances in an enterprise is a responsible and complex task. The scope of services provided by financial advisers is also quite broad. Everything depends on the needs. A detailed scope of the duties of a financial adviser for business is specified at the beginning of co-operation. Financial consulting includes such tasks as:

• creating a financial plan that is perfectly suited to a company’s profile – it is always created on the basis of detailed analyses

• determining the company’s condition on the basis of analyses and selecting activities to positively influence its improvement

• assisting in issues regarding the choice of funding suited to a given business activity–the adviser takes care of looking for the most beneficial forms of funding; they are also responsible for potential negotiations

• helping in planning and making investments

A financial adviser is also a person who helps choose the right bank for an enterprise as well as proposes to help in current situations concerning the company’s finances.

Financial consulting for enterprise – why is it worth it?

Handing over the company’s finances to experienced advisers, you can mostly be sure that decisions made are supported by detailed analyses. Financial advisers are people whose experience allows them to move smoothly in the area of finance and to find solutions which have a positive influence on the company’s state. Financial consulting for enterprise is activities that make it possible to use solutions which have been unattainable so far. Deciding on them, you get an opportunity to allocate your money the right way, to make thoughtful investments and to reduce costs, which will bring long-term results.


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