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Human Resources

It is worth looking at human resources in an organisation in a broader way than in the classic attitude towards it. This is not only a “production factor”, but first of all, it is what determines a company’s character. The people and the way you lead them also determine where your business will be in a few years.

You know your team best. Redegate experts know how to face challenges for organisations in the HR area. Connect this and the management of human resources in your company will acquire a completely new dimension.

Change Management

Changes are unavoidable in business, but if you are well prepared for them, you do not have to worry. Thanks to the structured attitude of our experts towards changes management, you will act like the best chess player: your every decision will be thought out, and you will always be a few steps ahead.

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Project Management

First plan, then act – this is the most important rule of project management in a company. With our experts you will learn much more than the basics. They will have a close look at processes in your company and they will select a management method that will ensure effectiveness.

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Every organisation needs management, but the best ones need something more– wise leadership. Do you want to lead instead of directing, to set goals, and not tasks, and do you prefer looking ahead to planning on the fly? Leadership consulting with Redegate experts will help you find the right direction of changes.

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Coaching & Mentoring

You choose the best people for your team. The ones who are too good to stagnate. Let Redegate experts in coaching and mentoring  help them make their first steps on their career paths.

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Remuneration Policy

A remuneration policy is not a piece of information about a bonus slipped at the end of a conversation. And motivation is not about saying, “Good job”. If you know it already, create what your team needs with our experts: clear, honest conditions of remuneration and motivation.

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Employee Development & Assessment

There is no place for subjective feelings in assessing employees. This is a process in which you should stick to very clear standards in order to make use of each team member’s potential in the best way. With our experts you will make procedures that allow for making a fair assessment and planning career paths.

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Employment Restructuring

Redegate experts are also with you during the more difficult times. If you are forced to conduct an employment restructuring, make use of their help to carry out the whole process smoothly and to take care of your relationships with employees.

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Communication in an Organisation

Mails, phone calls, meetings – the official ones, but also those by the coffee express in the kitchen. Regardless of your industry, the company’s whole life revolves around communication. With Redegate experts take care of not making it resemble a telephone game and let it be open, effective and smooth instead.

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New methods of management

Is “new” what you need in managing your team? With your experts you do not have to be trendy and to randomly choose from strange sounding names. Together you will find methods that will work in your business.

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Human resources is a term that refers directly to the employees who are employed by a company. However, it also refers to the value they bring to the team. This primarily refers to their potential, skills and competencies.

Human resources in the company – management

Human resources management is a series of complex activities with the purpose of maintaining and developing the structures created in a company. The first element is human resource planning, which involves meeting the human resource needs within the enterprise. This planning should take into account a number of factors, both external and internal. Human resource management in a company also includes recruitment, especially the recruitment of new employees. This stage often consists of the very arduous efforts in order to select the right candidates to meet the company’s needs. Once new employees have been hired, then it is time for induction: the activities aimed at helping them adapt to the company environment. HR’s responsibilities also include performance appraisal, training of employees and rewarding them, i.e. motivating them.

HR Consulting – help in management

Employees are one of the company’s most valuable resources. It is thanks to their qualifications that the potential of the entire enterprise grows and competitiveness increases. Managing the human resources in a company is a responsible task that should be entrusted to professionals. At Redegate, we offer HR consultancy in the creation and management of a company’s human resources.

HR consulting is a comprehensive staff consultancy service offered by the best specialists. An expert takes a detailed look at a company’s processes and, based on a detailed analysis, can select an appropriate management methodology.

Even the best team of employees cannot demonstrate their full potential without a good leader. A leader is someone who not only sets the goals and directs the team, but who can, above all else, motivate and react to worrying signals at the most suitable times. At Redegate you can find experts who offer leadership consultancy to help you discover the right direction for change.

HR training – mentoring, motivation and communication

HR consultancy also includes coaching and mentoring activities, as well as remuneration policy or employee development and appraisal. Our experts can assist you during employment restructuring. Their task is also to improve communication within the company, which is very often the foundation of business relationships. Clearly expressing your thoughts with respect to another person significantly improves efficiency and streamlines many processes in the company. A human resources manager helps to find new management methods that are perfectly suited to the company’s profile.


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