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Successes of our Experts

Redegate provides the right Experts for any business and organizational challenge. A company in crisis and you need support? Our Consultants and Interim Managers will efficiently help you improve your results. Are you planning the development of your organization and you need someone who will take you and your team to the next level? Redegate Experts will provide development solutions!

Find out how Redegate Experts tackle our clients’ challenges!

ustawienia Operational Management
Manufacturing Optimisation

Process efficiency goes hand in hand with improved quality. Redegate Expert optimizes the production of plastic components for the automotive industry

Delays in deliveries, returns, chaos and imperfections in production processes. These are the problems of one of the main Polish suppliers of components for German car manufacturers. Redegate’s client was threatened with the loss of contracts, and thus even a potential bankruptcy as a result of contractual penalties. Redegate Expert has developed an operational recovery plan in the company. Thanks to the implemented Lean Management program and a thorough analysis of parameters influencing the quality of products, the efficiency of processes increased by 23% and returns from recipients decreased by 92%. In six months from the threat of bankruptcy to stability thanks to the optimization of production.

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ustawienia Operational Management
Manufacturing Optimisation / Lean Management

How did a leading automotive lighting supplier create a Best Practice Plant?

Permanent quality problems, unsatisfactory results and pressure from customers at the OEM from the Automotive industry became an impulse for changes and improvement of production processes for the global Indian corporation.
The goal of the annual project that the management board set up was to create a factory that would be a benchmark for the entire group.
For this purpose, a team was appointed, consisting of Lean Management Experts with many successes and international benchmarks.
The effects that the team has brought are visible in increasing the factory’s efficiency, significant reduction of shortages, reorganization of production lines, reducing the number of operators, all thanks to the implementation of the culture of improvement in line with the Lean Manufacturing philosophy.

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ustawienia Operational Management
Lean Management

A leading Polish furniture manufacturer implements an operational excellence program!

A former state-owned furniture factory, which became part of the Polish-German holding, gained access to new foreign markets, which could not be leveraged on due to low operational efficiency.
Investments made in the technology park were supported by a wide optimization project of operational processes.
In cooperation with external experts, the way factory operates was changed in two years. The effects of the work were related to the use of the Lean methodology and tools, thanks to the VSM analysis, among others, the potentials for the optimization of the value chain were defined; the layout of the production and assembly area has been changed to improve the material flow; 5S standards were introduced not only in production areas, but also in office areas; order fulfillment time has been shortened by more than 40%; mainly by improving quality and increasing the efficiency of production processes by 35%.

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ustawienia Operational Management
Supply Chain Management

A well-organized Supply Chain is essential. Redegate Expert heals the tire manufacturer’s Supply Chain.

A multinational tire manufacturing company was experiencing huge delays from domestic and foreign suppliers. This significantly disrupted the timely execution of orders for the largest automotive customers. The company approached Redegate in search of an Expert who would redefine the structure of suppliers and undertake the renegotiation of conditions with many of them. Redegate provided the Client with an Expert with over 20 years of experience in supply chain management in automotive industry. Within 5 months of the project, two suppliers were replaced with new ones, and the timeliness of deliveries among the others increased by as much as 35%, which provided operational comfort to the client.

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ustawienia Operational Management
Supply Chain Management / Quality Management / Production Optimisation

Big challenges for an automotive supplier during the SOP at a new manufacturing site!

Polish manufacturer of car cockpit elements made of plastic struggled with huge quality problems when launching a new factory that supplies products to OEM.
The project, initiated by the German OEM (premium car manufacturer), assumed the support of the plant by a team of Experts who will ensure that all operational functions, such as: Logistics, Production, Quality, will be able to carry out uninterrupted deliveries of components meeting the quality criteria.
The three-person team was led by an experienced Interim Manager and, during the 5-month cooperation, it led to a significant qualitative improvement in production processes, stabilization in the implementation of product deliveries, as well as bringing significant knowledge and developing the skills of the local team. The control of the crisis and new knowledge allowed to complete the escalation process and give the green light to further cooperation.

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ustawienia Operational Management
Quality Management

Quality problems of an automotive manufacturer solved!

A large Polish supplier of components for the automotive industry was struggling with significant quality problems. Returns from recipients (the world’s largest brands) happened frequently. The company, unable to solve the problems with its own resources, decided to hire a leading expert in the field of quality.
Within two months of the project, the problems were almost completely solved: the number of customer returns decreased by 85%, and a new internal system was created to track quality parameters for the future.
It turned out that the quality problems were not due to technological errors, but had a significant relationship with an inadequately planned process. The silo structure and the lack of an outside view made it impossible to objectively assess the situation and get to the heart of the problem – this is how the Redegate Expert summed up the project in one sentence.

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wykres Finance
Corporate Finance

Interim CFO from Redegate improves financial management in a family business

The Polish family manufacturer of silicone products has transformed from a small family business into a large company active on an international scale. The rapid development of the organization in the operational dimension turned into additional challenges in other areas. The client needed to modernize financial management standards. To this end, he started cooperation with a Redegate Expert who, as a CFO, was fully responsible for the transformation in the field of finance. The introduced changes contributed to even better liquidity planning in the organization.

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wykres Finance
Raising of Capital / Funds

Finance for the strategic development of a cosmetics company. Expert knowledge provides good conditions for raising capital.

The Polish company producing cosmetics has conquered the domestic market in recent years. The owners, aware of the quality of their products and the growing demand both in Western Europe and on the large Russian market, decided to expand abroad. Such a project had to be supported by a large investment to increase the scale of production financed from external funds. In order to raise capital, the organization started cooperation with a Redegate Advisor, who conducted negotiations with financial institutions during the three months of the project. Thanks to it, the client managed to obtain funds for foreign expansion on terms almost 40% better than those offered at the beginning of the negotiations.

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ster Strategic Management

After taking over a factory producing fire protection systems, the international concern is implementing a restructuring plan

A quick turnaround was the goal of the new American owner, who appointed a new management board and invested in a team of two experienced Operational Restructuring Experts.
The tasks set focused on: analysis of all operational areas, estimation of staff reduction potentials, presentation of all possible savings, execution and immediate implementation.
The result of the Experts’ activities during the 3-month project was the optimization of employment costs (a 20% reduction) associated with an increase in production efficiency by over 15% and operational efficiency by reducing the costs related to the purchase of materials and services.
The factory after restructuring has reached the break-even point and the additional Capacity allows you to generate profits.

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ster Strategic Management
Brand introduction & development

A large player on the market of air conditioners enters Poland. Strategy provided by a Redegate Expert

A renowned Asian brand of air conditioners has been considering entering the Polish market for years, being aware of its specificity and the presence of other large players with an established position.
Representatives of the company from the European headquarters were looking for an Expert who would conduct a strategic analysis in terms of introducing the brand to the market, as well as prepare an operational plan to prepare the launch in Poland. The Redegate expert, who had worked for the client’s competitor for many years, defined not only the plan of introducing the brand as part of the project, but also extended it to the selection of product categories with which the company was to initiate entering the Polish market. Today, the client’s products are in the TOP 3 of the most-bought air conditioners in Poland.

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ster Strategic Management
Investments – Allocation of Resources

The leader of the automotive market is building a new factory in Poland under the supervision of a Redegate Expert

As part of its international expansion, the recognized German car manufacturer decided to build another factory in Poland. Building a factory is a great investment and organizational challenge. The client needed an experienced Expert to take over the management and coordination of this project. The consultant provided by Redegate became the client’s representative to suppliers on the Polish market, was responsible for tracking the project, escalating delays and implementing the necessary changes in the course of the investment. The project is progressing as planned and a Redegate Expert advisor will oversee it until production is launched in 2023.

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ikona procesor Digital Transformation
Smart Factory

A new dimension in assembly processes. Redegate Expert is leading the Digital Transformation of a household appliance manufacturer.

A well-known manufacturer of household appliances in Poland is aware of the challenges and opportunities associated with the so-called. Fourth Industrial Revolution. Located in south-western Poland, the plant was chosen as the first in the concern to implement new digital technologies in the assembly area. For this reason, the company started looking for a Digital Transformation Expert. Redegate provided the Client with an Advisor dealing with the implementation of digital systems for assembly. Thanks to the efficiently carried out project, which lasted 8 months, today 200 employees of the assembly area no longer have to use paper and outdated work instructions. The system used allows the employee to use the instructions in real time in parallel with the actual assembly activities. This speeds up the process by at least 15%.

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zasoby ludzkie Human Resources
Communication in an Organisation

The fuel company develops team awareness by increasing intercultural competences!

After analyzing the problems that arose during the expansion into new markets, the fuel concern conducted intensive training on intercultural competences among managers.
The main elements of the program focused on building awareness and overcoming barriers related to i.a. with ignorance of the cultural code, differences in the verbal sphere, stereotypes and prejudices, professed values.
The consultant leading the project was very positively assessed in terms of the effects of the program after the training phase.
The company indicated a noticeable improvement in the quality of cooperation and achievements of intercultural teams that function on a daily basis in the organization.

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sprzedaż Sales & Marketing
Strategic Marketing

Product portfolio to be changed. What to bet on to increase market share?

A recognized Polish producer of sweets has been developing its product portfolio for years, moving further and further away from the main category, which ensured the company’s success at the very beginning. The organization was unable to successfully develop such diverse products under family branding. Many of them were simply unprofitable. Within 4 months, the Redegate expert conducted a strategic analysis of the product portfolio and defined areas of potential growth. She also indicated products that should be abandoned or sold. The company is in the process of implementing changes in the portfolio, which assume an approx. 25% reduction in products.

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