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Sales & Marketing

Do the best products sell themselves? This is a myth. Behind successful sales there is a huge amount of work, many trials and errors, and, first of all, people who are experienced and have a sense for business.

It is worth talking about ideas for development when new products are being implemented, when the company does not make full use of its sales potential, but also when the sales are great. A properly selected marketing consultant will show you the way to new clients and will make marketing in your company a consistent, well thought out whole.

Strategic Marketing

You are implementing a new product. You want to act, inform, promote – immediately, here and now. Stop for a moment and plan your marketing activities carefully to… sell even more some time later. Marketing consulting for companies will make your every move thoughtful and every step will bring you closer to success.

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What do your customers buy? A product – yes, that is obvious, but first of all, they buy experiences, the image and relations. Our business branding  experts will help you create your brand’s own “self”. Evoke emotions like the greatest people do, even when you act at the micro level.

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Pricing Policy

Sales and marketing can be exciting, but when it comes to prices, you must keep your feet on the ground. Do you want the curves of supply and demand to meet in the perfect spot? Plan a comprehensive pricing policy for your company with Redegate experts.

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Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is so deliciously rich that it is tempting to try everything. Thanks to digital marketing consulting services, you do not check what works and learn from your mistakes on your own. Experienced experts will help you find yourself where your internet customers are.

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Marketing Automation

With the best Redegate experts you will introduce marketing automation to your business, not losing sight of what is most important: your relationship with your customers. You will choose tools together, thanks to which there will be no more accidental actions in your campaigns, and your customers will stay with you for longer.

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Sales Operations (S&OP)

In a smoothly operating company, sales go well beyond the sales department. The areas of administration, manufacturing, marketing support sales operations.

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Sales and Account Management / CRM

What differentiates sales from sales management? Management is not about gaining a customer and a one-time purchase but it is about building a valuable relationship with the customer. Use consulting in the Sales and Account Management area and find a CRM system that is suited to your needs, thanks to which you will not lose sight of any client.

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Customer Experience

Make a customer who uses your services or buys your products feel as comfortable as they are in their favourite café round the corner. Thanks to consulting in the Customer Experience area, you will make a place in the internet that people visit and come back to happily. Focus on relationships when others count for profits.

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Public Relations

If your company is a mature, aware organisation, its goal is certainly more than “selling as soon as possible, as much as possible, at all costs”. Thanks to carefully selected PR activities, you will create your brand image that is close to those you care about. Our experts will help you make use of every moment in the company’s life – both successful and crisic ones – to build long-term relationships.

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Marketing is activities the goal of which is supporting sales on the one hand and building a company’s image on the other hand. Thanks to them, your company has a chance to reach its customers and emphasise the advantages of using your offer. Marketing activities allow you to distinguish yourself from the competition and to make yourself memorable.

Marketing in a company–why is it important?

The marketing of a company is carefully planned activities with strictly defined goals. The first goal is undoubtedly educating customers and sharing your knowledge. Brand products and services should be the answer to particular problems the brand deals with. Marketing provides ready solutions and helps make a choice as well as present the mission and philosophy of a given company. In addition, it is a perfect tool for engaging customers and creating a community that will come back to you.

The marketing activities are also a perfect way of building the company’s image and reputation.

Thanks to properly prepared marketing messages, the customers start trusting your business. As a result, you enjoy credibility and respect both among your customers and on the market. One of the greatest advantages is also an increase in sales. The greater the reach, the greater the target group, and that is also followed by a better chance of selling your products or services.

Marketing consulting for companies – what does it help in? If you care about developing your business and becoming number 1 in your industry, but you do not know exactly how to do it, you must consult professional marketing advisers. Marketing consulting is a series of actions the goal of which is to devise the most important objectives of strategic marketing in a company, as well as to fulfil it consistently. Before starting to co-operate with a marketing consultant the scope of activities is always set individually to suit it as well to the character of your business as possible.

A marketing consultant is a person who will help you make the right business decisions related to various forms of advertising. They will show you new development opportunities and directions for your company and will also help you solve strategic problems. Thanks to the marketing consultant’s presence, your company has a chance to greatly improve its current marketing sutuation and to make use of new channels for reaching potential clients. A marketing consultant – find an expert in Redegate

In Redegate, you will find experts who will take care of your company’s promotion effectively. If you care about carrying out marketing activities that will bring many benefits to you, make use of professionals’ help. We offer you marketing consultations, sales consulting and also business consultancy. Activities undertaken by experts will certainly be very beneficial and they will ensure effective marketing in a small business and in larger companies. Let us know who you are looking for and we will find that person for you! Take care of carefully planned marketing in your company with Redegate experts today!


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