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Operational Management

Without smoothly running processes, your strategy will remain just a beautiful vision. Only effectiveness at the level of operations will let you go in the right direction and achieve long-term goals.

Use operational consulting at the top level. Use the resources of expert knowledge and professional experience of our experts. Focus on modern operational management which combines properly selected tools and methods for optimising processes.

Manufacturing Optimisation

It is worth thinking about manufacturing optimisation in a company not only in the context of reducing costs. Thanks to our experts, you will see the bigger picture of the issue of perfecting the manufacturing process: you will see it as a chance to fulfil the potential of your company.

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Lean Management & Six Sigma

Thanks to advice on lean management and six sigma, the experiences of the biggest global companies will be something more than just inspiration to you. Our experts will advise you how to translate the best development methodologies into the needs of your business.

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Supply Chain Management

When the flow and smooth operation count, there might be too little time to think strategically. Entrust the optimisation of logistic processes to experienced experts. Thanks to their support, you will get a new view on logistics management and you will create a supply chain which has no weak links.

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Purchasing Processes

It is time for orders “for yesterday” to get where they belong – to the past. Replace chaotic activities with rational planning. Thanks to the efficient management of purchasing processes, your company will save time and money, and buyers will be able to focus exclusively on strategic activities.

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Customer Service

Communication with customers? Do it like the best: instead of just answering questions, face your customers, predict and react in advance. Redegate experts will help you create a system of customer service management that you can use not only to solve problems efficiently, but also to build relationships.

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Quality Management / TQM

Thinking about quality, it is worth looking at the company like at a complex machine: only the smooth functioning of every part, even the smallest one, will allow it to work properly. Our experts know it perfectly and will have a close look at every element of your business puzzle. Let thinking about quality be with you every step of the way.

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Fixing errors, dealing with crashes, avoiding stoppages are everyday life for every manufacturing company. However, it is worth seeing the bigger picture of traffic maintenance and seeing it as the element of operational management. It is only then that activities related to the proper functioning of the company’s systems will accord with the long-term goals of your business.

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Process Security

Risk is permanently inscribed in the activity of many companies from the manufacturing industry, however, do not let it determine your results. Consulting in manufacturing process safety will let you know threats and gain control over the company’s activities early enough.

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Operational management is one of the three pillars of an organisation. The other two are marketing and accounting. Operational management means all activities that are related to the creation of a product or service. This is a process that encompasses a number of elements, starting from careful planning and ending with the final activities for the purpose of improving the product.

Strategic management is really about various aspects of the day-to-day running of a company. It is the careful implementation of a long-term strategy that consists of a series of activities in different areas and entities within the company.

Operational management: Implementing the company’s strategy

There are several important aspects to operational management. The first is the CRM, i.e. customer relationship management. This is a set of strategies and methods that have the purpose of creating long-term relationships with people who have used or can use the products or services offered by the company. Another aspect is HR, the department responsible for looking after the company’s human resources. This includes the recruitment process, employee training, motivation and awards. Other extremely important elements of operations management are production management, accounting, as well as sales, logistics and service.

Operational consulting: Specialist knowledge and a professional approach

The correct structure of an organisation and the development of internal processes with the purpose of optimising work is key to the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s operations. One obstacle to correct operational management may be, for example, inconsistencies in the actions taken, and often also a lack of communication between departments. In such situations, it is a good idea to take advantage of professional operational consultancy services.

Redegate’s experts are specialists whose expert knowledge and professional approach enable significant optimisation and improvement of the processes that affect the operational management of a company. Our services are addressed to people who care about optimising production in a company or improving processes related to logistics management. Our specialists can solve all problems related to the purchasing process and ensure that the path for your product or service is much simpler and clearer. Efficient management of purchasing processes not only saves your company money but time as well.

Operational consultancy also includes customer service activities. Specialists help you create a customer service management system that is perfectly tailored to the industry in which you work. This allows you to resolve problems and customer concerns efficiently, enabling you to build a relationship of trust with your customers.

Redegate’s expert help can also prove useful in such areas as quality management, maintenance or process safety.

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