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  • The best option when the project requires skills and knowledge of several areas and specialisations

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Gain an ambassador for your project and an effective alternative to co-operation with consulting firms. Regardless of the size of an organisation, we open the door to renowned experts in the industry. Quickly and free of charge, you will receive recommendations with leading consultants suited to your requirements.

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Meet an extra Partner and the verified source of local Interim Managers. Be ahead of your competitors when time and availability play a key role for your client. Make use of many years of recruitment experiences and of recommended professionals.


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Before recommending consultants, we make sure that apart from the basic criteria, other competencies will also be suited perfectly.

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Make use of our experience. Additional support and opinions during the selection process will make you sure that you make the right decision.

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Our support goes well beyond typical headhunting. We assist in clarifying the scope of co-operation, creating a roadmap, and devising goals.

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We keep our eye on the ball. We take care of transparency and we monitor the progress of the project to complete it successfully.

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Thanks to the evaluation process, we can provide both you and other clients with access to verified experts.


The most interesting projects

ustawienia Operational Management
Supply Chain Management

The first logistics and warehousing centre of a manufacturer of electrical products in Poland!

The dynamic growth of a renowned supplier of electrical products on the Polish market prompted the company to devise a new concept of distribution of goods on the Polish market. The existing philosophy of action based on making use of independent distributors generated higher and higher costs and it did not guarantee, as the problem increased, that customer service would at the level expected by clients. The choice of location and devising the concept of the functioning of the distribution centre allowed for reducing the costs of warehousing and distribution.

ikona procesor Digital Transformation
Intelligent Factory / Smart Factory

An automotive giant implements digital solutions in its factories

After announcing a new digital strategy, a leading manufacturer from the automotive industry began the transformation from production areas. In just 2 years, 9 projects were completed, focusing on, among other things, improving material flows. The implemented IIoT solutions allowed for increasing data transparency, generating 23% of savings in the area of traffic maintenance costs. Today, an intelligent manufacturing cell is used in the factory, and workers are supported by augmented reality (AR) tools.

ster Strategic Management
Market expansion

A Polish restaurant chain finds a partner in Germany, who makes the chain’s expansion easier

One of the famous Polish restaurant chains planned to open its restaurants in Germany. The project called for devising and implementing the best strategy which would ensure reaching German customers. The right direction was to start co-operation with a famous German shopping centre chain, which significantly reduced costs and risk. Both companies established a joint venture and chain restaurants began to spring up in the shopping centres. Thanks to the synergistic effect, a Polish company could safely benefit from its partner’s experience, also by making use of its positive image on the local market.

zasoby ludzkie Human Resources
Communication in an Organisation

An acquisition on the market of private medical services and a challenge in communication.

The market of private medical care in Poland develops rapidly, which prompted an all-Polish player to make another acquisition of a chain of local medical institutions. One of the significant challenges during the acquisition was convincing medical personnel to it and keeping the most effective employees. A key role in the final success, measured by the number of people who left the new structure (below 5%) was played by motivation and communication experts. The project was focused on devising a communication plan based on a catalogue of benefits, developing competencies, taking care of the formal training of managers. During the change implementation, experts provided individual and group support to workers, using coaching methods widely.

wykres Finance
Cost reduction

Cost reduction in a software company became the foundation of a new purchasing policy.

Perspectives and growth dynamics in IT have been placing the industry in the forefront for years. Ever-growing revenue and expenses motivated the Board of the software company, with over 300 employees, to make a thorough analysis of the purchasing processes of the enterprise. An essential goal of the project was to turn a vastly informal structure into a modern organisation which is guided by processes and controls its purchases professionally. What was put under scrutiny was all indirect costs related to the categories: HR, facility management, financial services and marketing expenses. The result of the work of an interdisciplinary team of finance and purchase experts was real savings up to ca. 30% in “the best” categories, but mainly it was the implemented consistent policy and purchasing processes.

sprzedaż Sales & Marketing
Strategic Marketing

Closer to the customer despite the pandemic. A B2B supplier reaches the individual recipient thanks to an innovative solution

The lockdown of the HoReCa industry in Poland cut the revenues of food manufacturers and retailers in the B2B segment by over 60%. One of the largest suppliers in the field of gastronomy was forced to seek a new channel of sales and fighting for the end user. Created in accordance with leading UX trends, an online store with an order configurator and a suggestion mechanism turned out to be an ideal move. The implementation was supported by an extensive and high-profile information campaign with the use of social media reaching three million users. In the first of the platform’s operation, the company recorded an increase in sales by almost 75%, which allows it to look optimistically into its post-pandemic future.

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